Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Blogs are back up and running :)

After a week of internet troubles I have finally got everything fixed and can blog again! And what's even better is that it is now the Christmas holidays on my course so I am getting the reward of all the hard work during the term.
It has no doubt been the hardest couple of months I have ever had but I feel like I have come out of it a much improved teacher and so all the long days seem to have paid off.
The big news from the past week is that I have officially passed TP1 and assignment three! I had my review day yesterday and didn't get any cause for concerns which is a massive worry off my back. I didn't think I was failing but with 33 QTS skills I wasn't sure if I would be on task on every single one of them. I also had a positive evaluation with lots of constructive ways for me to improve, which I will be taking forward into my next placement in January.
But as for now, it is a hard-earnt three weeks break for me with just light reading to complete before I return to school in the first week of next year.
Well done to everyone on a PGCE who has got this far and I would just like to wish good luck to all those who have reviews and hand-ins this week.

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