Saturday, 27 August 2011

Paperwork, paperwork, paperwork

I haven't even started in school and already there is a mountain of paperwork for me to get through but I guess, that is just good practice for what is to come.
By my own admission, paperwork is not a strong point and so I am making a huge effort to keep on top of it.
Some has already been filed into a folder and other has been put into a pile for me to work on.
My aim is to get all this done by the time I start in school next Monday ... wish me luck!

Wednesday, 24 August 2011


Two days have gone of the conference and have hardly had any time to think but we have had a great insight into what it is like to teach.
Some of the ideas shared with us are so simple but so inspirational and I can imagine will be so valuable throughout the year.
Maths techniques such as using an A4 wallet as a wipeboard for any worksheets inside it is just genius and some of the science experiments had us all entertained for two hours so the kids must love them.
Back in lectures in five minutes so have to go, music and geography are both on the agenda today so should be fun!

Sunday, 21 August 2011

It's here

The time has finally come and I actually write this from my university halls, well the room I will be in for the next week.
Having arrived about an hour ago I have already met a few good people and we are all just waiting until tomorrow when the real work begins.
At 9.30 we register and then it is a four day intensive course to learn everything there is to know, wish me and my coursemates luck!

Friday, 19 August 2011

No turning back

Well the time is come of no turning back, I have left my job and now have three days for any pre-course nerves to kick in.
Happily, so far they have not come and I have not had any cold feet, lets just hope this continues.
It still seems a bit surreal that this is all happening and I am getting nervous about the workload. My aim of the year is to keep the majority of my weekends free, I don't mind working late into the night each evening but I do like my weekends so fingers crossed I can keep them.
One thing is for sure though, no matter how hard the work is I will keep going and complete it, I have never wanted to be a success at something like I have with teaching.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

The 'back to school' feeling

I am not sure what it is about August but it has the ability to make pens, paper, pencils and even diaries exciting, creating that distinctive 'back to school' feeling.
It is a feeling I had almost forgot about after five years away from school but it all came flooding back when I went shopping for the university essentials.
Buoyed on by creating this blog, I thought it was time that I went to get my pens, papers, highlighters etc. needed for the PGCE course.
But, being a student again, it had to be done on a budget and I managed to find some real bargains out there.
A trip to Wilkinsons later and I was equipped with a 10p ruler, 30p pencil case, 20p rubber (although forgot the pencil to go with it) and a pack of highlighters for under £1.  Then after a slight detour to Poundland I had a complete academic diary and a notepad ready to work on.
It might not seem much but I at least now feel ready to complete the one week introduction course at university, where I am sure I will be made aware of the hundreds of things I have forgotten before the term begins in September.

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Nerves and expectations

So it is now four days until I leave my job and a week until the training officially begins and nerves are starting to set in.
Will I be able to survive the workload, will I be able get the respect of the kids and biggest of all, is a one week course at University enough to prepare me for the year ahead?
For those who don't know, I have opted for a school- based (SCITT) approach and I begin at my assessment school for the very first day of the year, meaning this week ahead of me is the only training I will get.
My reasoning for this is I wanted as much hands-on experience as possible whilst in my training year, but that reasoning is now being replaced with doubt as to whether I am ready.
The reality is I am three weeks away from meeting the children and still have no idea how to plan a lesson, no idea how to put those plans into practice and quite honestly, no real idea how to deal with children as a teacher.
But my blind faith is keeping me going and I am sure that although it will be a challenge, I will get through it, like with everything else in life and become a success.
If not I can grit and bear it and read the horror stories that are easily accesible on how others have a hard time too - I will not be alone!