Tuesday, 20 December 2011

The bad feeling when you find lots more work to do ...

After a week long break from anything to do with my PGCE I have been struck down by the discovery of a whole host of reading I did not realise I had to do.
I actually missed doing work so I thought I would make a quick head start on some of the work next term but little did I realise how hard this would be.
I decided that I wanted to use the break to look at the future assignments I have, both of which count towards masters credits, only this has now scared me.
The first assignment has a 10 page pack just to explain what to do and has about 70 pages of quick reading to do before getting started. I then need to research theories in a lot more detail and link this to my school experience.
Now is a good time to point out that theories are something I really struggle with as I am a practical learner and so find it hard to understand theories from the likes of Piaget and Bruner.
Still it looks like my Christmas will now be dominated by those names as I make a start on understanding what they have to say. My theory being it will be a lot easier to do this now than during my teaching practice next term.

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